A space for 🇨🇭 conscious beings, communities & tribes with shared values of growth & transformation.

A Community of Communities. is a space for conscious beings, communities and tribes of Switzerland that share common values: 

Conscious, Intentional, Open-hearted, Honest, Non-violent, Ethical, Respectful, Caring, Growth-oriented, Self-caring, Healing, Playful, Sacred, Sex-positive, Queer, Non-conformist, Non-monogamous, Consensual, Connected,
and of course... Authentic.

If some or all of these words resonate within you, welcome Home.

This platform is a hub, a community of communities, where we come together on our own terms.

You can also join our Telegram group.

For Conscious beings.’s mission is to provide a place for conscious beings to find events and communities around them that can help them on their Journey of self discovery. Here, you will find:

  • Browse and attend magical Events that support your Journey. Filter through Upcoming or Nearby events or use the calendar for specific dates. Free tonight? You're just a few clicks away.
  • Engage with other authentic beings on various Topics. Tell your story, ask a question, reach out for support, or simply share the love and happiness.
  • Discover and join conscious Circles, with their own events and topics so you can connect even deeper with the communities that you resonate with.
  • Doing all these without adding digital noise to your life. is set-up so you only get notified on things you care about and only once you've pro-actively enabled them.

For Organisers, Community hosts, coaches, therapists... also aims to support event organisers, community hosts and coaches/therapists with their common challenges. Within your own Circle, you have full control over the events you post, the Topics you engage your community with. This empowers you to nurture your community in whichever way works best for you.

As a Host, you also gain access to the Hosts Circle where we give and receive support, share our experiences, as well as join in person gatherings to connect with each other.

Join our Telegram group

While waiting for the launch, join our telegram group. We’ll announce the launch there first.

On Pricing

Hey there, my name is Alp (like the mountains) and is my passion project. It's basically the app I wish existed when I started my Journey. As I invest energy and efforts into it, my wish is to get some financial return, so I can sustain myself, and continue bringing more value to the community. To keep it affordable to most, access to the app and all the values it offers costs less than a coffee a month. The price is the same for all members; event hosts don’t pay more.

That being said, if 3.- a month is too much for your current financial situation, there is still a space for you here. Contact me to explain your situation, and we can discuss a free access supported by the community.